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Automation of Donor Eligibility Check and Data Entry at the Collection Site

Cost savings average $6.00 per donation
  • Eliminate administrative audits and donor callbacks for incomplete data
  • Reduce blood unit disposal for incomplete data or ineligible donors
  • Paperwork is reduced, staff productivity is improved, and donation time is shorter
  • Eliminate manual data entry by uploading Blood Donor Record Form data to the BECS
  • Confidential cost/benefits evaluations are encouraged
  • Potential donor identification and eligibility errors are identified before the donation
  • All data is captured at the Collection Site at the time of donation
  • Potential screening errors are identified as they occur, before the donor leaves
  • Errors are reduced by bar code scanning, process control, and prompted data entry
  • Reduced errors due to electronic interfaces
  • System is fully configurable by each Blood Center
  • Donor demographic, deferral, and eligibility by product data is received from the BCDMS
  • Help screens, medication tables, and other reference data are easily viewed and selected
  • Donor and blood unit are linked electronically through the use of bar coding and scanning
  • The Blood Donor Record Form, printed by Donor-ID™, remains as the physical control document.
  • All data entered is retained in the database with staff ID, time and date
Other Benefits
  • Paperless options
  • Staff training time is reduced and staff retention is improved
  • Reliability of donor responses is improved
  • Donors and sponsors are more likely to repeat
  • Management Reports are available at the Collection Site and at the Central Site
  • All data is available for query in the History Database
  • Manufacturing interface is faster, more accurate, and simplified
  • Use of iCASI reduces donor time at the drive

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