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Collection Site QC
Automate and record Quality Control procedures.

QC at the Collection Site takes the User through a defined path:
  • Identifying the asset to be evaluated
  • Identifying calibrators used (if needed)
  • Documenting test results
  • Entering comments (if needed)
  • Indicating out of range results
  • Entering corrective actions taken and re-test results (if allowable)
  • Documentation of assets taken out of service
QC at the Collection Site also provides a real-time display of the testing process:
  • Identity of calibrators used in testing specific equipment
  • Test results
  • Comments
  • Re-test reasons and results
  • Removal of unsatisfactory equipment or supplies from service
Cost Savings
  • Eliminate discarded units caused by QC related issues
  • Eliminate quarantined units caused by QC related issues
  • Improve device management
  • Standardize and simplify the procedure

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