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Automation and control of the phlebotomy process.

Blood bags and test tubes are scanned linking them to the specific donor

All Phlebotomy data is captured wirelessly
  • BUI - all bags and tubes can be scanned
  • Start Time
  • Complete Time
  • Vital Signs, as appropriate
  • Phlebotomist(s) for the veni-puncture and the removal by arm
  • Completion Code
  • Volume
  • Reaction Code
Labels can be created after the draw with bar coded ID's, phlebotomy start and stop times, and phlebotomist ID along with blood bag and specimen tube ID's
  • Blood Donor Record Form as a permanent record
  • Blood Bag as an interface to manufacturing
  • Scans of bar codes on tubes, products and BDRF assure accuracy of placement on the related items
Cost Savings
  • Eliminate blood disposal for inaccurate draw data
  • Link collection hardware to blood and donor
  • Capture start and completion times
  • Calculate draw duration
  • Improve the timing and accuracy of data for manufacturing
  • Numerous Phlebotomy device interfaces exist, helping to eliminate manual procedure record errors

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