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Donor Adverse Reaction
Donor reactions are captured to fulfill AABB Biovigilance (DonorHART™) reporting requirements.

The Add Reaction module collects donor reaction information during the donation process.
  • Donor reactions can be recorded at any time after registration.
  • Donation data, donor vitals, treatment details and free-form comments can be recorded.
  • Fields can be configured to display and be required based on location, status, type of reaction or other factors.
  • Data can be captured wirelessly.
  • All activity is captured in a complete audit trail
The Reaction Report Selection module displays reaction data entered at the donation site and new information can be added after the drive including follow-up details.
  • Donor reaction reports can be updated and reviewed at any time.
  • New donor reactions occurring after the donation date can be added.
  • Information reported is configurable by the blood center.
  • Multi-level reviews are available.
  • Report reviewers are tracked by the system.
  • Files are archived after report completion, and can be uploaded directly to AABB.
  • All activity is captured in a complete audit trail
Cost Savings
  • Simplifies the reaction reporting procedure, requiring fewer employee hours to manage
  • Reduces entry errors
  • Eliminates the need for time consuming manual recordkeeping
  • Formats files for upload to the AABB Donor Hemovigilance Site (DonorHART™)

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