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Donor-ID validated with HemoFlow 400XS whole blood monitor and mixer

Healthcare-ID develops release of Donor-ID with Applied Science, Inc. HemoFlow 400XS

Buffalo Grove, IL, , 2015 – Healthcare-ID, Inc., announces release of Donor-IDTM with capability to input data from the HemoFlow 400XS whole blood monitor and mixer.  “We are very pleased at the ease of working with ASI, and think the project is very worthwhile.  Several of our current Donor-IDTM customers are eager to use this new feature.” said Steve Sadorf, Vice President of Quality, Human Resource, and Finance.


Healthcare systems strive to become more efficient and effective by connecting data from disparate devices and systems; however, they often fall short due to the inability of device manufacturers to partner on such efforts.  Healthcare-ID has always used technological advances to streamline the blood donation process and is now taking the next steps to become an aggregator of data and allowing connected devices to be more effective.  “We are excited to include importing of the HemoFlow 400XS collection record as part of our donation record.” said Rick Stone, CEO.


Customers continue to tell us that they want to keep existing devices and systems and have them talk with one another. As we share the news of our partnership with Healthcare-ID, customers are thrilled that we are bringing them a meaningful solution with the HemoFlow 400XS data and Donor-IDTM. We looking forward to an ongoing partnership with Healthcare-ID, Inc.” said James Bancroft, Director of Product Management at ASI.


Donor-IDä  is used to collect over 7,500,000 units of blood annually at 18 blood centers across the United States:  Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in Houston, TX; Memorial Blood Center in St Paul, MN; Mississippi Blood Services in Jackson, MS; Oklahoma Blood Institute in Oklahoma City, OK; Coffee Memorial Blood Center in Amarillo, TX; Blood Bank of Delmarva in Newark, DE; Stanford Blood Center in Palo Alto, CA; ITxM with Central Blood Bank in Pittsburgh, PA and LifeSource Blood Services in Chicago, IL; LifeStream in San Bernardino, California; Dak-Minn Blood Bank in partnership with Altru Health System in Grand Forks, ND; ARUP Blood Services in Salt Lake City, UT; Heartland Blood Centers in Aurora, IL; Blood Center of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI; Central California Blood Center in Fresno, CA; Miller-Keystone Blood Center in Bethlehem, PA, Mid-South Regional Blood Center (Lifeblood®) in Memphis, TN and The American Red Cross, nationwide.


The HemoFlow 400XS is in use with a large number of blood centers including Blood Systems, Inc., Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Miller Keystone, Stanford Blood Center, Blood Bank of Delmarva, OneBlood, amongst others. Both ASI and Healthcare-ID share a number of the same customers so there is a great deal of interest in this capability.

This capability allows for HemoFlow collection data to be sent to the Donor-IDTM system for inclusion in the complete data record, which in turn is passed to the BECS. This allows for error free data collection, with minimal manual intervention. Data entry errors will be a thing of the past.


(About Healthcare-ID) Incorporated in January 1995, Healthcare-ID develops and markets products to meet the Blood Center's need for automating the entry of accurate information at both fixed and mobile collection sites to eliminate the disposal of collected blood units based on donor eligibility and suitability, and significantly reduce the cost of blood collection.  Healthcare-ID, with its Donor-IDTM product offers modules including Registration, Health History Screening, CASI, Internet CASI, Physical Exam, Daily QC, Phlebotomy, Shipping, Survey, and Donor Adverse Reaction (as developed with the AABB Biovigilance committee)  Donor-IDTM interfaces to most major blood center data management systems. Visit www.healthcare-id.com for more information.


(About ASI) Applied Science, Inc. (ASI), a global technology solutions provider focused on unleashing the power of process automation and data to provide simple and cost-effective solutions that optimize operating efficiency.  ASI has a global footprint with customers and partners on four continents. ASI is based in Grass Valley, California. For more information, please visit www.applied-science.com

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